Why I Take My Wife Shooting

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In our household, I have been the “gun guy” for most of a 20 year marriage. From hunting food for the table to plinking at local firing ranges, it’s been an interest not shared by a wife still understanding enough to let me “do my thing”. (Note to husbands- Use French recipes when preparing game and serve with candle-light and sparkling wine from Domaine Chandon. She might just let you go out and hunt some more.).

But after getting my wife interested in the Women’s Self Defense Program at the Magda Institute in Reseda, California, she has shown an increasing interest in firearms as an additional choice for self-defense reasons.

That is especially so after some Hispanic burglars were arrested after breaking into a vehicle in our driveway, and after unknown robbers broke into the house and took heirloom jewelry and other items in a daytime burglary.

Suffice it to say that I was greatly relieved that my wife did not walk in on a burglary in progress in that last case.

She started out with the general kind of “fun shoot” that is popular out here among NRA Member’s Councils folks. A .22lr rifle at the start on the benchrest, which then graduated to .357 magnum revolvers and even the ubiquitous AR-15 (sorry, that was a “bullet button” variant for all the folks from Free America…).

Now it’s my wife who screams at television interviews of Bloomberg and the gaggle at “The View” when they tee-off on the Second Amendment. And now I am a little less worried when I go on the road, knowing that my wife has a revolver with +P ammo in the bedroom safe at the ready.

Lastly, it’s the wife who now asks more frequently “When are we going shooting again?”.

Perhaps my only problem is trying to figure out whether a “tactical training” weekend for an anniversary gift works as good as Waterford crystal, or perhaps something sparkly from Ben Bridge. Maybe after she sees this blog post, it will be a real option.


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