Michele Hanisee, Vice President of Association of Los Angeles Deputy District Attorneys Opposes Newsom Gun Control

The “Ammo Police” is not the answer to criminal use of firearms
By Michele Hanisee
California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed the California Safety for All Act; which will appear on the ballot in 2016.  The initiative proposes to solve the problem of criminals using guns against law abiding citizens by sharply restricting the ability of the law abiding citizens to acquire ammunition.  Cleverly named “Safety for All,” the initiative seems designed to raise Newsom’s public profile, because in reality it will do nothing to prevent mass shootings in this state nor will it have any positive effects on the safety of California residents.
The proposed new law is one of a handful of initiatives which aim not only to make it more difficult to purchase and own a gun in the state of California, but also to make it more difficult to purchase and sell ammunition.  However, since ammunition will still be legal to possess (albeit more difficult to acquire) the measure does nothing to stop criminals who commit murder — which, of course, is already illegal.  It will only affect the law abiding citizens.