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The lawyers at Michel & Associates, P.C. are proud to announce the launch of a new Facebook page, The Self-Defense Defense, to compliment the other informative websites and Facebook page we currently host:, and the Michel & Associates/CalGunLaws Facebook page.

The Self-Defense Defense Facebook page curates news stories from across the country, and sometimes the world, about firearms owners using guns to defend themselves, their families, and their property. Recent high profile incidents involving firearms used in self defense make the launch of The Self-Defense Defense particularly timely. The real life examples of guns saving lives recounted on The Self-Defense Defense can be used by civil rights activists, firearms trainers, and others as evidence of what many of us already know, firearms are used many more times to prevent a crime from happening than they are mis-used by criminals. In a nutshell, firearms have social utility as tools of deterrence and protection. Usually, firearms stop a crime from happening without a shot being fired. The articles posted on The Self-Defense Defense also tell a cautionary tale of how using deadly force can result in legal troubles and be emotionally and financially draining.

Please go to The Self-Defense Defense Facebook page and the Michel & Associates/CalGunLaws Facebook page and “like” us, “share” us with your friends, trainers you may know, and anyone else you think may be interested.

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