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Murder Motivation: Why Most of America is Immune to Gun Violence
| C.D. Michel
What was your motivation for the murder you committed yesterday? If you can’t answer that, then you are in the 99.996% of the population that also assassinated nobody. When it comes to guns, we already know that the largest cluster of gun deaths (61%) are suicides, and that suicide is a mental health problem than no gun or magazine ban prevents. The next largest cluster are gun crimes (35%), with the remaining deaths being accidents or justifiable (even meritorious) homicides. Clearly, f
California Catches Up: Why things got better
| C.D. Michel
Propagandists flail as they fail. Often they become comic caricatures of themselves. Other times they become more clever, more manipulative, and more dangerous. The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence (LCPGV), previously regarded mainly as the law firm for the gun ban lobby, has become America’s newest anti-gun-owner propaganda mill. Having been essentially bought with Joyce Foundation “progressive” money, LCPGV is upstaging the ultra-statist Violence Policy Center, which has fallen out
Senator “Two-Face” Yee: Gun Control Hypocrisy Champion
| C.D. Michel
You’ve seen it by now: gun ban promoting California Democratic State Senator Leland Yee is being prosecuted for arms trafficking. Like Harvey Dent –  Gotham City’s district attorney and one of Batman’s strongest allies until Sal “Boss” Maroni threw acid in his face, turning him into “Two-Face,” a split-personality criminal mastermind – Yee is accused of being a two-faced criminal conspirator, supporting gun control in public while arranging illegal international arms deals and
Local is Lethal – Small town legislation is a big battlefield
| C.D. Michel
When you lose big battles, start guerilla warfare in the streets. That old lesson has not been lost on the players behind the gun control movement. Having lost big on the national stage, they are now taking their battles to sympathetic states and small towns in an effort to pass any possible Second Amendment civil rights infringments they can get away with. Nowhere is the battle raging hotter than in California, thanks to a watered-down preemption statute, San Francisco’s history as a gun
Real Benefits or False Promises?
| C.D. Michel
Truth was the first victim of the gun control debate, and apparently will be the last. It may be unfair to pick on Doctor Garen Wintemute, for his research into gun control policy has been publicly savaged by many in the field. Nor is it polite to rehash the fact that much of Wintemute’s funding comes from the gun control movement’s financier, the Joyce Foundation. It wouldn’t even be sportsmanlike to pick apart his all too frequent Op/Eds since they appear in newspapers without the benefi

Latest Blog Post
Suffragette City
| Tony Canales
Frances O'Connor, playing the part of Mrs. Rose Selfridge in the PBS Series "Mr. Selfridge", takes aim at the Ten Ring. Nothing was more surprising Sunday evening than watching Episode 4 of the Second Season of PBS' "Mr. Selfridge". This particular episode was set in the fall of 1914, where George V's England was becoming involved in a Continental fracas that came to be called The Great War (That's WWI for all those kids being taught under Common Core standards.). Harry Selfridge
Fear Factor?
| Tony Canales
Jeremy Peters writes at today's New York Times about the latest campaign by Michael Bloomberg to force an antigun agenda on the American people. Vowing to spend another $ 50 million dollars, Bloomberg is forming a new group (same as the old groups of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action), where he also makes an interesting comment when speaking of the NRA: “...He added: “We’ve got to make them afraid of us..." Well, isn't that special? The problem with a state
In America….
| Tony Canales
In America, the above video is a pictorial of what it's like when the government uses force majeure to enforce the environmentalist agenda. And the ironic part is, the cattle being removed to allegedly save habitat and the Desert tortoise are also part of the available biomass (ie food sources) needed to help "save" the California condors being reintroduced within a day's flying time from this ranch at condor sites in Northern Arizona. It kind of makes one wonder if BLM's gauleiters
A Tale of Two Shootings
| Tony Canales
Those who carry firearms for self-defense purposes should be struck by the differences of media coverage of the circumstances of the shootings in the Trayvon Martin and Miriam Carey cases. In the Martin case, the media was fairly rabid in it's coverage that the shooting was unjustified, despite early evidence that George Zimmerman had been assaulted somehow and was simply defending himself. In comparison, the Carey case is getting buried as fast as Federal Public Information Officers
California Department Of Justice Sued For Misuse Of Firearm Purchaser Fee
| CGL Admin
California Department Of Justice Sued For Misuse Of Firearm Purchaser Fee View More Information

Handguns As Prime Weapons of Self-Defense
| CGL Admin
The primary reason Americans own handguns is for self-defense; all other reasons being secondary. Likewise the primary reason Americans own long guns is sport, self-defense being secondary. If you want to review the evidence see Gary Kleck, TARGETING GUNS (1997), the definitive work on the criminology of gun control. [as to the technical viability issues I insert here a memo I prepared for the other counsel in Heller: RHETORICAL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE DEFICIENCY OF LONG GUNS COMPARED TO HANDGUNS
[the following was written for my granddaughters]
| CGL Admin
My darlings: None of you girls are old enough to remember Calvin Coolidge, though at least Bobbie may remember that he was Warren Harding’s vice president and succeeded to the presidency on Harding’s death, serving until 1928 when Herbert Hoover succeeded him. Coolidge was famed for his verbal reticence, sometimes being referred to as “Silent Cal.” I think it was Dorothy Parker who on his death quipped “how could they tell?” Probably the most important and enduring story to come ou
| CGL Admin
Indicative of the irrational bias to which gun ownership is subject are a series of articles in which Prof. Leonard Berkowitz asserted that guns arouse hostile and aggressive impulses in their owners. To prove this he conducted laboratory tests supposedly showing subjects' hostility levels rose particularly when others who annoyed them were associated with guns in various ways. 1. Evidence of this "weapons effect" is limited and erratic. Other psychologists have been unable to replicate Berkowi
Penis Theory Of Gun Ownership
| CGL Admin
Reviewing unsubstantiated, mostly "derogatory... speculative literature on the personality characteristics of gun owners", the NIJ Evaluation (p. 120) mentions "the psychoanalytic" view that "weapons are phallic symbols representing male dominance and masculine power." The idea of gun ownership as sexual aberration has been casually espoused by such anti-gun luminaries as Arthur Schlessinger, Jr., Harlan Ellison, Mike Royko and Joyce Brothers. The only serious study endorsing this view is by ps
Policing v. Self-Defense
| CGL Admin
ARMED SELF-DEFENSE Analysts Linda Gorman and David Kopel summarize the value of defensive firearms: Reliable, durable, and easy to operate, modern firearms are the most effective means of self-defense ever devised. They require minimal maintenance and, unlike knives and other weapons, do not depend on an individual’s physical strength for their effectiveness. Only a gun can allow a 110 pound woman to defend herself against a 200 pound man.1 Multiple studies of thousands of defense inc

Presidential Election Scandal: Obama’s Benghazi
| CGL Admin
The Obama Administration’s manipulation of the news about the deadly 9/11 terrorist attack on Benghazi affected the presidential election. His administration misled the American people about a serious defeat suffered in the war on terror, and it appears that it did so for its own political gain. We’ll never know whether this media manipulation (with MSM complicity) altered the outcome of the election. But it could have. That alone is reason enough to investigate this presidential-election sc

  • Humorous report of Lexington/Concord
    “Seventy-two killed resisting gun confiscation in Boston”. “Speaking after the clash, Massachusetts Governor Thomas Gage declared that the extremist faction, which was made up of local citizens, has l …
  • SCOTUS takes no action on Drake
    Drake v. Jerejian, the challenge to New Jersey’s “may issue” system for licensing to carry, was set for the conference (where votes are taken) of last Friday. Today the Court issued its orders from th …
  • Chicago "reduces crime" by cooking the books…
    Story here. Under pressure from the mayor and high level administrators, police reports are changed to reclassify murders as non-criminal deaths, and aggravated assaults are understated by nearly 25%. …

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  • Does Anyone Know ???


    I have two questions and would like to know if ANYONE can answer them or direct me to someone who can.

    In LA City is it legal to order ammunition over the internet as of 2014?

    In LA City is any magazine over ten rounds still legal to possess as of 2014?

    It is either a “yes” or “no” for either question and no one seems to know. I can not get a definitive answer on either question.


  • John Chavez


    In Los Angeles, California Authorities Raided my home seeking Drugs, Large Sums of Money, and you guessed it Guns, needless to say No Money Drugs were found But of course my Legally Owned Guns which were all Locked Up in my Gun Safe, but to be capable of taking away my Guns Drugs had to be found in my home, And with in little bit more Searching 2 Smoking Pipes with some Meth still inside one Pipe were found Supposedly in my Room with the Gun Safe, and I was Arrested and Jailed while all my Guns were Seized along with All Ammo, My Comment here is Some plants you water and they grow But other Plants only seem to Rot & Spoil everything


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