don-b-kates_shadowDon Kates is one of the foremost litigators, criminologists and scholars on the Second Amendment and the fundamental right to self-defense and the individual right to keep and bear arms in the country. A renowned civil rights advocate, Professor Kates has been involved in practically every major case involving these issues for over 30 years. Professor Kates has also written extensively on these subjects, and has published numerous criminological reviews on gun control laws and their ineffectiveness in reducing violent crime.

  • Handguns As Prime Weapons of Self-Defense January 28, 2013CGL AdminThe primary reason Americans own handguns is for self-defense; all other reasons being secondary. Likewise the primary reason Americans own long guns is sport, self-defense being secondary. If you want to review the evidence see Gary Kleck, TARGETING GUNS (1997), the definitive work on the criminology of gun control. [as to the technical viability issues I ...
  • [the following was written for my granddaughters] November 28, 2012CGL AdminMy darlings: None of you girls are old enough to remember Calvin Coolidge, though at least Bobbie may remember that he was Warren Harding’s vice president and succeeded to the presidency on Harding’s death, serving until 1928 when Herbert Hoover succeeded him. Coolidge was famed for his verbal reticence, sometimes being referred to as “Silent Cal.” I think ...
  • HOSTILITY IMPUGNS ANTI-GUN “SCHOLARSHIP” September 18, 2012CGL AdminIndicative of the irrational bias to which gun ownership is subject are a series of articles in which Prof. Leonard Berkowitz asserted that guns arouse hostile and aggressive impulses in their owners. To prove this he conducted laboratory tests supposedly showing subjects’ hostility levels rose particularly when others who annoyed them were associated with guns ...
  • Penis Theory Of Gun Ownership September 14, 2012CGL AdminReviewing unsubstantiated, mostly “derogatory… speculative literature on the personality characteristics of gun owners”, the NIJ Evaluation (p. 120) mentions “the psychoanalytic” view that “weapons are phallic symbols representing male dominance and masculine power.” The idea of gun ownership as sexual aberration has been casually espoused by such anti-gun luminaries as Arthur Schlessinger, Jr., Harlan Ellison, Mike Royko and Joyce ...
  • Policing v. Self-Defense September 10, 2012CGL AdminARMED SELF-DEFENSE Analysts Linda Gorman and David Kopel summarize the value of defensive firearms: Reliable, durable, and easy to operate, modern firearms are the most effective means of self-defense ever devised. They require minimal maintenance and, unlike knives and other weapons, do not depend on an individual’s physical strength for their effectiveness. Only a gun can allow ...

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