An Armed Society Is A Polite Society

Tony Canales . Posted in CalGunLaws Blogs, News, Observation Post 4677

Prof Melissa Click

It is pretty clear that personal  security is a concern for college students across the nation. Academics have established broadly defined sexual assault definitions, with an end result a set of studies that find that a veritable sexual crime wave exists in higher education.

Additional reviews seem to indicate high crime rates among students attending some of the most prestigious small colleges in the nation.

 Yet when parents go to check out schools to send their offspring to, they find well-funded and well-armed security operations at such public institutions as UCLA in Los Angeles, California, and such private institutions as the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Therefore the logical conclusion is that campus policing does not address the total threat to students that exists on college campuses today.

So it is interesting to find out that professors at the University of Houston are concerned about potential harm to “academic culture” when students opt for legal concealed carry of firearms as a means to address college crime rates.

In other words, these professors have more of a concern about their students having pro-gun attitudes in the classroom than the ability of these same students to be able to safely arrive to and from the classroom.

Given the shenanigans of professors like the University of Missouri’s Melissa Click, who seemingly is getting a slap on the wrist for assaulting a student reporter, it’s no wonder that they fear the right of armed self-defense on campus.

After all, the next time a Melissa Click-clone tries to suppress freedom of speech through Brownshirt tactics at the University of Houston, they might be staring down the barrel of a lawfully permitted gun.

 So if “harm to academic culture” really means the ability to chill hostile indoctrination and extortion by tenured ideologues, we may just have something here.

After all, UCLA’s AR-15-armed officers are minutes away from any one particular sexual assault on campus. But there is no indication that said officers are available to arrest college staff when they threaten physical assault at campus events, or destroy future careers through a simple difference of personal opinion.

When California gun owners travel to other part of “Free America”, gun owners in these states often comment how their state is not California, with it’s draconian and nonsensical gun control regime. Phrases like “This is Arizona”, “This is Texas”, “This is <your state here>” have been heard to the point of banality.

But in reality, California-style gun laws already exist in an alarmingly large number of these very same states. And college academia provides a safe haven from which such gun control can spring forth to deny the rights and safety of citizens of that state. As a Native Californian, this poster warns other citizens in other states to take the academic threat seriously. Otherwise, it’s not just the philosophy and individual right that is threatened, it’s the personal well-being of your loved ones.