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CalGunLaws.com is an online firearms law and policy information resource designed primarily for attorneys, interested firearm owners, and Second Amendment civil rights activists. It was founded in 2002.

CalGunLaws.com has three major features: CalGunLaws News, the CalGunLaws Bloggers group, and CalGunLaws Legal Research Resources.

Through the CalGunLaws News section, we seek to keep you informed and aware of breaking news and developments of interest to you, and of ways you can be active in efforts to understand, reform and improve the law.

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Through the CalGunLaws Bloggers group, we seek to inform and maybe even entertain you with opinion and commentary from legal authorities and scholars on a variety of topics, mostly relating to firearms laws, constitutional law, and civil rights issues.

CalGunLaws.com is proud to host the blogs of a number of leading Second Amendment and firearms law legal practitioners and commentators. Our CalGunLaws Bloggers group includes some of the most well known civil rights attorneys, firearms law experts, journalists, criminologists, political pundits, and general know-it-alls from California and across the country. We think you will enjoy the insightful commentary that our collection of bloggers offers.

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The CalGunLaws Legal Resources sections provide you with materials to help you understand of the multitude of complex federal, state, and local firearms laws and ordinances, administrative and executive regulations, case law, and past and current litigation that defines Second Amendment jurisprudence and the California firearms regulatory scheme in theory and practice.

The materials posted under Section One of the CalGunLaws Legal Resources pages supplement attorney C.D. Michel’s book California Gun Laws: A Guide to State and Federal Firearm Regulations. The California Gun Laws book is the starting point for getting the answer to any question about California firearms laws. Buy the book!

The additional materials posted on Section Two of the Legal Resources pages contain topical information on many subjects not covered by the book, as well as materials of interest to particular groups such as police, gun sellers, and shooting ranges.

The Legal Resources searchable database contains still more information and resources.

All of the pages and resources can be custom searched using the search function located on every page of CalGunLaws.

Because of the sensitive nature of some CalGunLaws Legal Resources materials, you may be required to register to access them. Your understanding is appreciated.

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  • orthodoc63


    I have a CCW permit for CA and am a member of USCCA. I carry insurance through USCCA for my legal defense in a firearm incident should one ever occur. While I reside in Northern CA, may I still indicate your firm as my lawyer should such an event occur? David E Woodhams


  • James


    I also have a Utah & Nevada CCW and have USCCA for legal insurance if such an event would occur. Is it ok to name your firm as legal counsel or is there a more formal manor for such listing? Thank You for all of your assistance and website information James S.


    • jessica


      Thank you for contacting Michel & Associates, P.C. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused, but due to the case on Peruta vs. San Diego not being final the attorney’s in our office are currently not advising on any type of CCW inquiries. The attorney’s advise you to keep an eye on our website for the most up to date information in regards to this case. You can also sign-up for our e-BULLETins to get alerts and updates from our office, there will be an alert sent out when our office starts taking these inquiries again. If you have any other questions please feel free to give us a call at (562) 216-4444.

      Follow the Peruta v. San Diego Case

      Sign-up for e-BULLETins

      CCW Information


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