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  • NRA's Heavy Legal Artillery along the Western Front

    NRA’s quest to expand gun rights takes it Read More
  • "Two-Face" Yee Gun Running Conspiracy Scandal

    NRA News Flash: WATCH HERE. News Flash From Ginny Read More
  • Read Chuck Michel's Latest Blog Post

    Murder Motivation: Why Most of America is Immune Read More
  • Ginny Simone | "Microstamping: A De Facto Gun Ban"

    NRA News Special Report From Ginny Simone | "Microstamping: Read More
  • Microstamping Charade

    Chuck Michel discusses microstamping on FOX & Friends. Read More
  • CA CCW Applications after Peruta

    NRA News with Cam Edwards featuring Chuck Michel, Read More
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    Paul Clement delivers oral argument for plaintiffs before Read More
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CalGunLaws Blogs

Dangerous Dollars – Bloomberg’s $50M Surge
C.D. Michel
What explains a billionaires’ bizarre behavior? With so much money, you would think they could buy some sanity for themselves. Sadly, no. This time we are talki
Read More
Murder Motivation: Why Most of America is Immune to Gun Violence
C.D. Michel
What was your motivation for the murder you committed yesterday? If you can’t answer that, then you are in the 99.996% of the population that also assassinated
Read More
California Catches Up: Why things got better
C.D. Michel
Propagandists flail as they fail. Often they become comic caricatures of themselves. Other times they become more clever, more manipulative, and more dangerous. T
Read More
Senator “Two-Face” Yee: Gun Control Hypocrisy Champion
C.D. Michel
You’ve seen it by now: gun ban promoting California Democratic State Senator Leland Yee is being prosecuted for arms trafficking. Like Harvey Dent –  Gotham Cit
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Local is Lethal – Small town legislation is a big battlefield
C.D. Michel
When you lose big battles, start guerilla warfare in the streets. That old lesson has not been lost on the players behind the gun control movement. Having lost big
Read More

CalGunLaws News

(AZ) Gov. Jan Brewer vetoes 2 Pro-Gun Bills

PHOENIX (AP) — To the surprise of the bill's sponsor, Gov. Read More
(KS) Governor Signs HB 2578

***GOVERNOR SIGNS HB 2578*** Today, April 22, 2014, Governor Sam Brownback signed HB 2578 the CLEO Shall Sign and Comprehensive Preemption legislation. These new
Read More
(IN) NRA Gathers as Gun Debate Cools, Shifts Focus

(CNN) – The National Rifle Association holds its annual meeting this weekend with the gun debate cooling overall and pivoting to the states, wher
Read More
(DC) COMMENTARY: A Better Way to Help the Dangerously Mentally Ill

Following the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., more than a year ago, while President Obama and congressional Democrats were blaming the v
Read More
(WA) EDITORIAL: Dueling Gun-Check Initiatives Only Confuse

When two ballot initiatives cover the same subject, vexed voters usually say no to both. But early polling shows that, so far, voters are amenable to two gun control
Read More
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