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  • NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting

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CalGunLaws Blogs

The Elephant Out Of The Room
C.D. Michel
San Franciscans joke that only two things illegal in their town are parking and voting Republican. But for California gun owners, the GOP’s statewide...
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Bar the Bar Association
C.D. Michel
No man’s liberty is safe when activist lawyers plot ways to implement their personal agendas. The American Bar Association (ABA) is the country-wide...
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Kamala’s Con – the California Attorney General’s Numbers Game
C.D. Michel
Never attribute to malice or conspiracy that which can be explained by incompetence. Trouble is, when it comes to gun control and the California Attorney...
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2014 CALIFORNIA LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP: What Passed, What Didn’t, and What Does it All Mean for Gun Owners
C.D. Michel
Download Printer Friendly PDF The 2014 legislative session recently came to a close, with Governor Brown vetoing a key anti-gun bill and signing several...
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LAPD Caught Manipulating Crime Statistics
C.D. Michel
Who knew that political chicanery traveled down Route 66? You may recall (and I wrote about) how Barack Obama’s own Windy City was cooking their crime...
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CalGunLaws News

(CA) State loses bid to challenge concealed weapons case

Relaxed rules for carrying concealed guns in public may not be challenged by California state officials or advocacy groups, a federal appeals panel decided...
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(CA) Important Amicus Briefs Filed To Hold On to Victory In Lawsuit Striking Down Ban on Mail-Order Ammunition Sales

The National Rifle Association (NRA), along with several other self-defense civil rights groups and a number of prominent law enforcement officials and...
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(CA) NRA-ILA Legal Update – California: One Step Closer to Shall Issue!

California: One Step Closer to Shall Issue! Federal Appeals Court Denies California Attorney General’s Bid to Overturn NRA Supported Legal Victory...
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Chuck Michel on Cam & Co. 11/13/2014

Don't miss Chuck Michel as a featured guest on Cam & Co. today where he will discuss the CA Attorney General's denial by the 9th Circuit yesterday...
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NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting

Safe at Home: Delaware Court Overturns Gun Ban In a landmark victory earlier this year, the Delaware Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Wilmington...
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