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CalGunLaws Blogs

Executive Stupefaction
C.D. Michel
While recently misleading students in a speech at a South Carolina college, Barak Obama tossed a few gun control whoppers into the audience. “Our...
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More Guns = Less Crime; California Style
C.D. Michel
Very little is predictable in crazy California. But anyone familiar with gun control advocate spin tactics could have predicted that the civilian disarmament...
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Gun Seizure and Government Corruption
C.D. Michel
For years some police agencies, particularly in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and other cities lead by politicians that push gun control, have forced citizens...
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LAPD – Still Two-Stepping Violent Crime Data
C.D. Michel
If at first you don’t succeed, scam, scam again. A while ago the Los Angeles Times noted that local police were fudging violent crime statistics by...
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Growing Support and Groaning Scoundrels
C.D. Michel
Never doubt the linguistic and logical limberness of professionally coached anti-gun activists. People in gun control circles are circling their wagons...
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CalGunLaws News

(CA) Live from the George Soros Secret Donor Retreat

SAN FRANCISCO—Wealthy liberals from across the country discussed strategy and finances this Sunday during the Democracy Alliance’s biennial donor confab,...
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(KS) Appeals Court rules against Kansas man, Dana Huff, who claimed unlawful search

The 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday upheld a Kansas district court ruling on a man who claimed Kansas City, Kan. police illegally searched...
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(U.S.) Hillary Clinton on Guns: not a Big Fan

If Hillary Clinton ever gets around to telling voters her positions on controversial issues, it is not clear what she will say about gun control. Over...
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(U.S.) Supreme Court strikes down mandatory minimum sentences for gun possession

The Supreme Court has ruled that mandatory minimum sentences for gun possession are unconstitutional. The ruling, released Tuesday morning, dismisses...
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(WI) Attorney breach stalls Milwaukee officers’ gun store lawsuit

A long-awaited trial pitting two wounded Milwaukee police officers against the gun store that sold the weapon used to shoot them has been delayed after...
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