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  • 2nd Amendment Drama has Implications for 2016

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  • NRA Special Report: "Good Cause" is Bad Law

    The U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals struck down Read More
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CalGunLaws Blogs

An Armed Society Is A Polite Society
Tony Canales
It is pretty clear that personal  security is a concern for college students across the nation. Academics have established broadly defined sexual assault...
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Questionable way to deny gun rights
Claudia Nunez
In 2010, the Government Accountability Office concluded that “membership in a terrorist organization does not prohibit a person from possessing firearms...
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Guns, Guns, Whose Got The Guns?
C.D. Michel
No one knows how many American households have guns. That’s the good news. The only way to know with any degree of accuracy would be through national...
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Executive Stupefaction
C.D. Michel
While recently misleading students in a speech at a South Carolina college, Barak Obama tossed a few gun control whoppers into the audience. “Our...
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More Guns = Less Crime; California Style
C.D. Michel
Very little is predictable in crazy California. But anyone familiar with gun control advocate spin tactics could have predicted that the civilian disarmament...
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CalGunLaws News

Sheriffs’ Group Calls Officers to Refuse to Enforce Gun Control

A national sheriffs’ group is calling on law enforcement officers to refuse to enforce gun controls that infringe on the Second Amendment. The group,...
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Gun-control bills DOA but still spark debate

Gun-control advocates sparred with Second Amendment purists Tuesday at the Capitol, where they debated a pair of gun-control measures that, everyone agreed,...
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Gavin Newsom says California gun-control bid headed for fall ballot

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, the architect of an omnibus gun-control initiative to require background checks for ammunition, said Thursday that the campaign...
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Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey Receives NRA Distinguished Defender of Freedom Award

Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey was awarded one of the National Rifle Association’s highest honors on Monday in recognition of his tireless efforts...
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Constitutional Carry Bill Passes Missouri House; Heads to Senate for Vote

On Monday, the Missouri House of Representatives passed a “Constitutional Carry” bill 112 to 37, and the bill is now headed to the Senate for a vote. The...
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