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    NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Shaneen's Law: Restoring Read More
  • NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting

    NRA News Ginny Simone Reporting | Justice in New Read More
  • FOX News: Second Amendment rights

    California battle over concealed-weapon rights could be headed Read More
  • Peruta v. San Diego Video Update

    Sean Brady of the Michel & Associates Peruta Read More
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  • 2nd Amendment Drama has Implications for 2016

    Drake v. Jerejian, Peruta v. County of San Read More
  • NRA Special Report: "Good Cause" is Bad Law

    The U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals struck down Read More
  • Second Amendment Updates with Chuck Michel

    Chuck Michel: An Update on Second Amendment Cases Read More
  • Peruta: A Fault Line in California

    Read the Peruta story featured in America's 1st Read More
  • NRA's Heavy Legal Artillery along the Western Front

    NRA’s quest to expand gun rights takes it Read More
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    Give ‘Em Heller! Read More
  • Microstamping Charade

    Chuck Michel discusses microstamping on FOX & Friends. Read More
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CalGunLaws Blogs

Give ‘Em Heller!
C.D. Michel
In 1988, when Florida first considered passing a shall-issue concealed carry permitting (CCW) law, gun control groups hysterically predicted massive public...
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Brain Dead Broke
C.D. Michel
Who knew that when she claimed to be “dead broke” Hillary Clinton was talking about her moral and intellectual disabilities. During a CNN sponsored...
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C.D. Michel
When the gun control movement’s spokesperson admits that their policies don’t offer working solutions to the criminal misuse of firearms, will the...
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VPC = Very Petty Con
C.D. Michel
Analysis performed by gun control groups is about as thoughtful and deep as Miley Cyrus’s song lyrics. The Violence Policy Center, one of America’s...
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New Study Confirms: Criminals Prefer Handguns, Not Semi-Automatic Rifles
C.D. Michel
Thugs prefer handguns over any type of rifle, shotgun or other “long gun.” Go figure. According to a study published on June 16, 2014, the vast...
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CalGunLaws News

(CA) Police charity raffling semiautomatic rifle, pistol

Perhaps the most important thing to know is this: It’s perfectly legal for a police charity to raffle off a semiautomatic rifle and a semiautomatic pistol.  Whether...
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(CA) In Compton, school police can use semiautomatic weapons

It’s a place that’s been associated with gunfire at least since the release of N.W.A.’s “Straight Outta Compton” in 1988: Compton, Calif., a...
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(CA) The NRA Call to Action Contact Senator Beall Today! – THE FIGHT TO STOP SB53 Ammo Sales Restrictions/Registration and AB1014 Gun violence Restraining Orders HEATS UP at the State Capitol

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(NY) Another troubled mayor against illegal guns faces new charges

The Washington Free Beacon reported today that Monticello, N.Y. Mayor Gordon Jenkins is in trouble with the law again, this time accused of bribery,...
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(US) Decades old gun control debate reshaped by new advocacy groups

This project was produced by News21, a national investigative reporting project involving top college journalism students across the country...
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