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  • 2nd Amendment Drama has Implications for 2016

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    The U.S. Ninth Circuit of Appeals struck down Read More
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    Chuck Michel: An Update on Second Amendment Cases Read More
  • Peruta: A Fault Line in California

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CalGunLaws Blogs

Kamala’s Con – the California Attorney General’s Numbers Game
C.D. Michel
Never attribute to malice or conspiracy that which can be explained by incompetence. Trouble is, when it comes to gun control and the California Attorney...
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2014 CALIFORNIA LEGISLATIVE WRAP-UP: What Passed, What Didn’t, and What Does it All Mean for Gun Owners
C.D. Michel
Download Printer Friendly PDF The 2014 legislative session recently came to a close, with Governor Brown vetoing a key anti-gun bill and signing several...
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LAPD Caught Manipulating Crime Statistics
C.D. Michel
Who knew that political chicanery traveled down Route 66? You may recall (and I wrote about) how Barack Obama’s own Windy City was cooking their crime...
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Give ‘Em Heller!
C.D. Michel
In 1988, when Florida first considered passing a shall-issue concealed carry permitting (CCW) law, gun control groups hysterically predicted massive public...
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Brain Dead Broke
C.D. Michel
Who knew that when she claimed to be “dead broke” Hillary Clinton was talking about her moral and intellectual disabilities. During a CNN sponsored...
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CalGunLaws News

Sturm Ruger Profit Falls 76% as Demand for Guns Dwindles

Sturm, Ruger & Co. (RGR), the largest publicly traded U.S. firearms maker, reported third-quarter profit that missed analysts’ estimates as demand...
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(MA) High school students face expulsion over Facebook photo of airsoft rifles

Two high school students in Massachusetts were suspended and face possible expulsion after posting a homecoming photo online of themselves holding airsoft...
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(WA) Second Marysville victim dies as antis exploit tragedy to pass I-594

As Marysville mourns the loss of a second Marysville-Pilchuck shooting victim overnight, backlash may be building against anti-gunners who quickly exploited...
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Man dodges charges in ATF straw purchase allegations, co-defendants not off the hook

A California man who purchased a gun not on the state-certified list of allowable firearms was cleared by a federal jury Monday on charges of  making...
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(NY) New York gun grabbing massive overreach

Gun control supporters scoff when Second Amendment defenders accuse them of advocating the confiscation of firearms. The pro-restrictions crowd claims...
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